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enoch says...

In reply to this comment by Skeeve:
Ok, good points about the non-humanness of angels. I can accept that Gabriel was very androgynous in that scene/movie. But what about Lucifer then? He is most definitely a masculine character. Kinda seems like they're attempting at having both interpretations instead of one or the other.


this is why gabriel is known as the angel of resurrection,and his punishment/duty is to stand watch over the four watchtowers- north(might be south,too lazy to check)and will utter no sound until the end-times(book of john,gabriel blows his horn).

Sorry to single you out enoch, but the idea that Gabriel blows the trumpet in the end times is not found anywhere in scripture, the earliest source for this is from an Armenian manuscript from 1455, and it reached the English language in Milton's Paradise Lost. As for not uttering a sound until the end times, the Bible specifically names Gabriel and the angel who announces the births of John the Baptist and Jesus (Luke 1:5-20 and Luke 1:26-38 respectively) hence his title as the Archangel of Annunciation.

Yes there are many different stories about angels, many of which contradict each other, but the standard beliefs as written in the Bible and accepted by the major churches stand on their own.

I know I am picking at a movie you guys enjoy immensely, I'm not trying to attack your taste/choice, I just think it's a little odd the way they chose to portray it. Either way, I don't really know anything about the movie or its universe so I'll shut up about it now . got got the fault for being lazy and just posting stuff offa my head.didnt know about the paradise lost deal..thats a nice lil nugget.

gabriel has been many things in scriptures,messenger,voice and teacher(muhammhed).
the incarnation i am most fascinated with is the arch angel gabriel of the resurrection,who along with uzriel,rapheal and michael gaurd the four watchtowers.the apocryphal books have a much richer history concerning gabriel than canonized scripture ever will.
if you are interested in such things allestier crowley and don milo duquette are fascinating reads.

siftbot says...

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kymbos says...

Yeah, I found the link and have started watching. Given that it goes for over an hour, i'll have to find time to get through it. It's amazing enough that the experiment has been undertaken by the Portuguese, but it's even more incredible that it's not all over the news across the world. doesn't fit with the storyline, so let's just ignore the facts...

In reply to this comment by Skeeve:
Anytime. If you are still interested in the topic check out for a video of a talk given by Glenn Greenwald about the same subject.

In reply to this comment by kymbos:
Scratch that - it didn't like firefox, but it works in IE. Fascinating post, and very interesting findings. Thanks!

kymbos says...

I'm getting a blank screen when I click on your link. Is it me or you? Help me out? I'd love to read the article.

In reply to this comment by Skeeve:
I invite all of you arguing about the harms of drug decriminalization to take a look at Portugal. In 2001 Portugal decriminalized all drugs and it "has been an unquestionable success, leading to improvements in virtually every relevant category and enabling Portugal to manage drug-related problems (and drug usage rates) far better than most Western nations that continue to treat adult drug consumption as a criminal offense," (

All of the statistics show impressive declines in drug use, HIV infection and show a marked increase in people seeking therapy for drug abuse. A lot can be learned from their example.

Januari says...

I just wanted to take a moment say and tell you I greatly appreciated your saying that. I myself have duel-citizenship with Canada and the US... almost all my family is Canadian and i've spent a very large portion of my life in Canada. While i absolutly love it and look forward to going back each year... i can't tell you how many times i've heard this... this exact thing... friends, family, classmates this gets hauled out and worked into conversation a truly bizzare number of times when people realize I'm an American... the other one... The Space Arm... A close second... It's one I usually nod and smile and insie wonder exactly why they'd even want to lay claim to that... let alone how they figure...

Anyway i agreed completely and especially with regard to your final comment "There are a lot better examples for Candians to use."...


In reply to this comment by Skeeve:
A good retort to Gutfeld, until near the end. I'm Canadian and I am getting tired of Canadians bringing up the War of 1812 and the burning of Washington. Yeah, we burnt the capital of the United States to the ground... almost 200 years ago. And it wasn't like it was really Canada, it was thousands of seasoned British veterans led by experienced commanders who took along some Canadian provincials to fight an inexperienced and smaller American army supported by relatively unorganized militias (very few of whom left their homes to fight on the campaigns).

There are a lot better examples for Canadians to use.

P.S., we didn't burn it down in 1812, it was actually burnt down in 1814, during the War of 1812 (which lasted 3 years).

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