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Saltatio Mortis - Koma (Live)

Saltatio Mortis - Koma (Live)

Vogelfrey - Sturmgesang (German Folk Metal)

Mr. Irish Bastard - I Hope They Sell Beer In Hell

oritteropo (Member Profile)

Lilithia says...

That's what I did, but it still starts at the beginning.

oritteropo said:

You should be able to set the start time, the parameter is start=(number of seconds from start)... so to start one minute in you need to add &start=60 to the other parameters.

Saltatio Mortis - Wir sind Papst (Live)

Saltatio Mortis – Des Bänkers neue Kleider (Acoustic)

dArtagnan - Seit an Seit (German Musketeer Rock)

dArtagnan - Seit an Seit (German Musketeer Rock)

Lilithia says...

It's not the official video but since it seems to be available worldwide, I replaced my embed with your backup. Thanks! Setting the start time to the beginning of the song doesn't work, however.

Mordhaus said:


short intro

dArtagnan - Seit an Seit (German Musketeer Rock)

Alestorm - Magnetic North (Scottish Pirate Metal)

Feuerschwanz - Zuckerbrot und Peitsche (Live)

Versengold - Hoch die Krüge

Versengold - Spaß bei Saite (Live)

Ylvis - Language of Love

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