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via Google Translate:

if the police passes by, yes! yes
I then stop only at times, yes! yes
ne of the box from participating Ziese, yes! yes
and harmless to play on schematic f, yes! yes
they have been drinking, yes! yes
The police asked me, yes! yes
I scream out loud, no, yes! yes
I'm thirsty animal, yes! yes
they have taken drugs, yes! yes
but since I have an idea, yes! yes
home on the couch, yes! yes
I'm all there, yes! yes

a policeman with elf-Ohrn, yes
with these elves Ohrn what he writes on ..
a policeman with elf-Ohrn
with these elves Ohrn what he writes on ..

my name is Garfield, yes! yes
I've always been there, yes! yes
and now I'm here, yes! yes
and you are there, yes! yes
we are both there, yes! yes
together in the universe, yes! yes
together with the police, yes! yes
I tell him what he of sage, yes! yes
eucalyptus and menthol, yes! yes
I am innocent, yes! yes
manitu like, yes! yes
that's the killa, yeah! yes

a policeman with patterns on it, yes
with these patterns on it, he looks good ..
one policeman, with patterns on it yes
with these patterns on it, he looks good ..

`I'll help arrested, yes! yes
I just stick it there, yes! yes
shiva help me, help me to goa, yes! yes
psytrance help me, yes! yes
goa goa goa mpu, yes! yes
u u u u u goa-dwarf, yes! yes
goa goa goa mpu, yes! yes
u u u u u hara rama, yes! yes
suddenly lit me a pig, indeed! yes
in your face in, yes! yes
far too bright the sunshine, yes! yes
I hurry up to the eyes, yes! yes

a policeman with a laser sword, yes
laser sword with which he writes on this .. ahh
with a police laser sword
laser sword with which he writes on this ..

a smile comes from the heart high, yes! yes
yes by a ridiculously tuenchamun,! yes
ick bin tuenchamun, yes! yes
tut tut tut tut, yes! yes
I stick, yes! yes
I stick with doing nothing, yes! yes
tut tut tuenchamun, yes! yes
I've found it, yes! yes
Last night in the car, yes! yes
since I'm looking at you, yes! yes
I need urgent help, yes! yes
in the car always runs goa, yes! yes

cop off with one claw, yes
with these claws turn what he stands for ..
a policeman, so off with claws
cling to it with this, even what he stands for ..

Parchim gibts ne police, yes! yes
I only go driving times, yes! yes
mentally I'm already there, yes! yes
moon by the time the liquid shiva, yes! yes
of the full moon up to the Baltic Sea, indeed! yes
of the reeperbahn back home, yeah! yes
in the hall eingepennt shit, yes! yes
the problem in the system, yes! yes
is the system, yes! yes
the system is the problem, yes! yes
the system has no egg, yes! yes
the system is in the system, yes! yes
I have no problem, yes! yes
I'm schizophrenic, yes! yes
I am the system, yes! yes

a policeman standing there with his parents
with his parents (because) he wants to go home ..
one policeman stands with his parents since aaahhh ...
uuuhhh with his parents ... He wants to house ..

I'm strapped in, yes! yes
I weggeknallt I am, yes! yes
I have a crush me, yes! yes
I'm not there, yes! yes
ick'm uh .. mirage, yes! yes
all the stupid pig, indeed! yes
All the boring pigs, yes! yes
walk on a leash, yes! yes
boring all the pigs, yes! yes
hear no goa, yes! ahh ..
goa goa .. hhh, ahh ..
hare hare rama, yes! a..
hare hare goa, yes! aahh ..
hare hare rama, yes! ahh
goa goa hare,

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